Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Arrow: The Return"

The fourteenth episode of season three of The CW's "Arrow" is titled "The Return", written by Marc Guggenheim, Erik Oleson and directed by Dermott Downs, airing February 18, 2015, featuring the return of the super-villain 'Deathstroke':

"...'Malcolm' (John Barrowman) puts 'Oliver' (Stephen Amell) and 'Thea' (Willa Holland) in a dangerous situation that lands them on 'Lian Yu' with Oliver’s former enemy, 'Deathstroke' (Manu Bennett).

"A flashback reveals when Oliver and 'Maseo' (Karl Yune) returned to 'Starling City' to retrieve the 'Omega' bio weapon, and despite being under strict orders from 'Amanda Waller' (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) not to reveal himself to anyone, Oliver looks in on his family, 'Laurel' (Katie Cassidy) and 'Tommy' (Colin Donnell)..."

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