Monday, February 10, 2020

"Pony Soldier" Is A Canadian 'Mountie'

In a world where a Democrat presidential candidate can insult a US voter by calling them a "...lying, dog-faced 'Pony Soldier'...", referencing the 1953 John Wayne western "Hondo", the title "Pony Soldier" was actually a 1952 feature starring Tyrone Power as 'Constable Duncan MacDonald' of the 'North-West Mounted Police':

" 1876, the 'North-West Mounted Police' send 'Constable Duncan MacDonald' (Power) and 'Blackfoot' scout 'Natayo Smith' (Thomas Gomez) to negotiate with the 'Cree' to sign 'Treaty 6' with the Brit Crown. Initially hostile, the Cree are influenced by a mirage they mistake for the power of 'Queen Victoria'. In addition to negotiating with the Cree, MacDonald rescues hostages 'Jess Calhoun' (Robert Horton) and 'Emerald Neely' (Penny Edwards), arrests a killer and adopts a Cree son (Anthony Earl Numkena)..."

Cast also includes Cameron Mitchell, Howard Petrie, Stuart Randall, Richard Boone, Frank deKova and Earl Holliman, with ending narration by Michael Rennie ("The Day The Earth Stood Still").

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