Wednesday, March 06, 2024

“Re: Uniting” in Theaters

“Re: Uniting” is a new college reunion ‘dramedy’, written and directed by Laura Adkin, starring Jesse L Martin, Michelle Harrison, Roger Cross, David James Lewis, Carmen Moore and Bronwen Smith, available June 4, 2024 on digital and cable on demand:

“…when ‘Rachel’ receives life-changing news, she secretly grapples with her mortality while playing host to her friends who have grown up and gone their separate ways since college. 

“‘Carrie’, a mother of 3, ‘Natalie’, a workaholic neurosurgeon, former football star turned sportscaster ‘Collin’ and playboy man-child ‘Danny’ join Rachel and her husband at their picturesque home on the beautiful and secluded Bowen Island.

“As soon as they are all together it’s like no time has passed; they laugh, drink and dance the night away. Rachel’s nostalgia is echoed by the group as they realize how much time has gone by, and how much they have all changed. As secrets are revealed, they are forced to change the way they look at their futures…”

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