Sunday, October 29, 2006

Seymour Street "Intelligence"

"Intelligence" Takes Off at the 'Chick A Dee'

The producers of creator Chris Haddock's new CBC TV series "Intelligence" have invaded Vancouver's Granville downtown core, notably the 'Penthouse Night Club' on Seymour, now renamed the "Chick A Dee" for the series.

Premise of the gritty show focuses on 'Jimmy Reardon' (Ian Tracey) an illegal drugs distributor and strip club owner. Reardon is devoted to raising a daughter while ensuring his family business continues to run smoothly.

The Penthouse Night Club was established in 1947, hosting popular singing/jazz acts of the day, including The Mills Bros., Jimmy Durante and Louis Armstrong.

Today the club features 'exotic' dancers, with Haddock's crew usually having to clear out by 10 PM weeknights, at which time, the Penthouse regulars take over.

"Intelligence" the series, premieres October 10 on CBC.