Sunday, October 29, 2006

Singer's "Superman Returns" For A Vancouver Sequel ?


Warner Bros. is currently in negotiations with director Bryan Singer to work out financial details for a sequel to "Superman Returns".

The comic book-to-film feature, based on the DC Comics character, recently broke the $200 million domestic box office mark set by Warner Bros. as the necessary standard for a sequel.

Reports confirm that the original "Returns" team will be back to work on the new film.

Budget estimates for the first movie topped $250 million, much of it going to pay for CG visual effects. Warners says the new film will be budgeted more 'modestly' at $150 million, with plans for less talk and more 'action'.

What may change is the shooting location for the production. Although "Superman Returns" was filmed in Australia, Singer has expressed an interest to shoot the sequel here in Vancouver, a location that Warners rival studio Fox has grown accustomed to, thanks to tidy profit returns for the "Fantastic Four" and "X-Men" movies.

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