Sunday, December 06, 2009

ABSOLUT Mixes With Vancouver Arts Community

In addition to hiring actress Kate "Underworld" Beckinsale to be their new print model, 'crushing' her way through the big city in an 'attack of the 50 foot-tall woman' campaign, ABSOLUT Vodka, has also created an 'Absolut Vancouver' campaign, donating up to $120,000 from sale proceeds to help celebrate everything that’s 'unique' about Vancouver.

"...With your help, we’ll salute leading edge Vancouver artists whose vision, passion and body of work have defined Vancouver as the Absolut home for the arts..."

The ABSOLUT® Vancouver bottle label was created by BC artist Douglas Fraser.

"It's about contemporary urban living, set in a crown of snow capped mountains, driftwood, steel, high rise condos and quaint neighbourhoods," said Fraser about his label design.

"Vancouver represents the spirit and the idea of the west, where the sun rises over the mountains and sets into the ocean. The citizens believe in playing is all about balance west coast style..."