Sunday, August 08, 2010

Badler Slithers Back To "V"

According to executive producer Scott Rosenbaum, actress Jane Badler will appear on ABC's Vancouver-lensed TV series "V" as a recurring character.

Badler played the lizard 'Diana' in the original 1980's "V" series and will play a new character named 'Diana' in the rebooted show, who is the reptilian alien mother of 'Anna'.

"...'Anna' (Morena Baccarin) is keeping her mother prisoner on the mother ship in a never-before-seen section that has been designed to look like the Visitors' home planet..."

Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, "V", based on the 1983 mini-series, was one of the most-watched series premieres of the 2009-10 TV season when it debuted to 14.3 million viewers.

"V" also stars Morris Chestnut as 'Ryan Nichols', Joel Gretsch as 'Father Jack', Lourdes Benedicto as 'Valerie', Logan Huffman as 'Tyler Evans', Laura Vandervoort as 'Lisa', Morena Baccarin as 'Anna' and Scott Wolf as 'Chad Decker'.

Inspired by "It Can't Happen Here" a 1935 novel by author Sinclair Lewis focusing on fascism in the US, "V" was originally created by director–producer Kenneth Johnson.

DC Comics also published a spin-off comic book series based on the original "V" TV series.

The updated "V" TV series chronicles the arrival on Earth of a technologically advanced alien species which ostensibly comes in peace, but actually has sinister motives, looking to 'serve mankind' on a dinner platter.

"V" is produced by The Scott Peters Company, HDFilms and Warner Bros. Television.

"...Giant spaceships appear over 29 major cities throughout the world, and 'Anna' (Baccarin), the beautiful and charismatic leader of the extra-terrestrial 'Visitors', claims to come in peace.

"'The Visitors' claim to only need a small amount of Earth's resources, in exchange for which they will share their advanced technological and medical knowledge. As a small number of humans begin to doubt the sincerity of the seemingly benevolent Visitors, FBI counter-terrorism agent 'Erica Evans' (Mitchell) discovers that the aliens have spent decades infiltrating human governments, businesses, and religious institutions and are now in the final stages of their plan to take over the Earth.

"Erica joins the resistance movement, which includes 'Ryan' (Chestnut), a Visitor sleeper agent who over time developed human emotions and now wants to save humanity. The Visitors have won favor among the people of Earth by curing a variety of diseases, and have recruited Earth's youth — including Erica's son 'Tyler' (Huffman) — to serve them unknowingly as spies..."

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