Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marvel Plugs Into "Tron: Original Movie Adaptation"

Sneak Peek Marvel Comics' "Tron: Original Movie Adaptation" #1, available November 3, written by Peter David and illustrated by Mirco Pierfederici.

"...In anticipation of Walt Disney Pictures' 3D high-tech adventure, 'Tron: Legacy', in theaters on Dec. 17, 2010, Marvel Comics brings a stunning new visualization of the original 'Tron' film. Learn the secrets of the 'Tron Universe'. Discover its cast of dynamic characters..."

The ongoing series will introduce 'Kevin Flynn', a software engineer who works for the corporation 'ENCOM', creating several video games on the company's mainframe after hours, to start his own company.

Another programmer, 'Ed Dillinger' locks Flynn out of the system, then presents Flynn's work as his own. Dillinger earns himself a series of executive promotions, while Flynn is relegated to opening a video game arcade, featuring the games he created.

Flynn then tries to hack into the 'ENCOM 511' mainframe to find evidence of Dillinger's wrongdoing, but his program, 'Clu', is caught and erased by the 'Master Control Program' (MCP), an artificial intelligence running on the ENCOM computer system.

The MCP, with Dillinger's authorization, shuts down access to Flynn's security group, accidentally locking out ENCOM employee, 'Alan Bradley'. Bradley reveals to Dillinger that he was working on a security program, named 'Tron', which would monitor communications between the MCP and the outside world. After Bradley leaves, the MCP confronts Dillinger, stating it cannot afford to have programs monitoring it. It reveals its intention to break into the Pentagon and other military mainframes, claiming it can run things '900 to 1200 times better than any human'.

Meanwhile, Bradley and his girlfriend, 'Dr. Lora Baines' go to warn Flynn that he has been noticed. Explaining what happened, Flynn convinces them to sneak him into ENCOM's laser laboratory, where he can access the mainframe via a different security group. Baines, who has been developing a method of digitizing real objects into the computer, sets Flynn down at her terminal in the laser lab, where a laser is pointed directly at the terminal.

But as Flynn attempts to break into the system, he is confronted by the MCP, who takes control of the laser and suddenly digitizes Flynn into the ENCOM mainframe. Flynn then finds himself standing in the digital world, where Programs resemble their human creators, the 'Users'...

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