Monday, October 11, 2010

"Smallville: Homecoming": The Return Of 'Brainiac'

The Vancouver-lensed "Smallville" TV series, celebrates its 200th episode "Homecoming", October 15, with the return of the DC Comics' villain 'Brainiac':

"...In an attempt to cheer up 'Clark' (Tom Welling), 'Lois' (Erica Durance) convinces him to attend their five-year high school reunion.

"A visit back to the home of the 'Crows' has Clark remembering old times with 'Lana' (Kristin Kreuk) and 'Chloe' (Allison Mack), while Lois is furious that no one remembers her five days as a student.

"...Meanwhile 'Brainiac 5.0' (James Marsters) uses his 'Legion' ring to visit from the future and takes Clark through his past, present and future.

"He shows Clark what really happened the night 'Jonathan' died, the current pain experienced by 'Green Arrow' (Justin Hartley), Clark’s future at the 'Daily Planet' with Lois and his role as 'The Blur', Earth’s favorite red and blue superhero..."

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