Sunday, September 29, 2013

New DC Comics Villain In "Arrow" Season 2

The CW has confirmed that actor Dylan Neal will play a DC Comics villain in "Arrow" Season 2, for a four-episode story arc beginning with episode 5, "League of Assassins".

Neal will play the character 'Dr. Anthony Ivo'.

"...appearing in the island flashbacks of 'Oliver' (Stephen Amell), 'Dr. Anthony Ivo' will emerge as a brutal but ruthless scientist who will stop at nothing to unearth a breakthrough that dates back to the latter days of World War II..."

Debuting in DC Comics, "Brave and the Bold" #30 (June 1960), Ivo was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky, as a criminal mastermind and scientific genius, responsible for the creation of the androids 'Amazo' and the 'Tomorrow Woman'. He was also able to create an immortality serum.

Ivo also created a serum which provides him with an extremely long life span. The serum has however left his body twisted and malformed. As a result of his serum, Ivo has developed a thick, resilient second skin. The skin appears to be bulletproof, and impenetrable to most forms of energy.

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